Across the Pacific – New Silk Route

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Two cultures brought together by art

China and the USA might seem like two different worlds, but if we are able to integrate them through art, wonderful compositions can happen. In 2015 between the months of October and November, Art Millennium had the great opportunity of joining “Across the Pacific¨:U.S. in Chinese Painters’ Perspective. Ten amazing painters from China came to California and captured the natural scenery as well as architecture by mainly using Chinese painting techniques. The result was a unique exhibition of their artwork done throughout that time.

Welcome American Fellow Artists to Wuhan ,China “Across the Pacific¨:U.S. in Chinese Painters’ Perspective”

After such a sublime experience, the opposite had to happen. Just to be able to have the complete exchange of cultural experiences and views. Thanks to Art Millennium and the Strategic Alliance Partnership with the Art & Culture Departments of the Cities of Wuhan and Shenzhen during the months of March & April of 2016, the artistic exchange took place. The event was called: Across the Pacific: China in the view of USA Painters Perspective. In this occasion 5 American painters were brought to China. The journey went on for 21 days. These artists did not only paint, they went further. As foreign artists in such a majestic scenario, they had to go beyond their limits. The 5 of them had debate exchanges with Chinese artists, art organizations, art masters, art schools and students, other art societies and groups in Asia, making a modern integration of both cultures.

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Ayako Harashima, Japanese – American Artist


Richard Louis Perri - American Artist
Richard Louis Perri – American Artist
Macarena Jimenez - American Artist
Macarena Jimenez – American Artist
Sunrise in The City of Wuhan, China – March 2016

What was truly breathtaking was the creations produced by these 5 painters. They made more than 20 stunning pieces of artwork. The motivation of the art- cultural exchange was present until the end. These pieces of art were donated to the Local ART Museum of Wuhan. It is an amazing feeling to see how the cultural exchange can be kept in the long run and inspire many generations to come.

The Local ART Museum of Wuhan owns a private collection of USA Painters, so the exchange could be carried onto locals enabling them to admire and even make use of such paintings as a reference for contemporary and new American Art. Diplomas were given by the Provincial Governments to the American artists and they were added to The Chinese Record of American Artists in China. On top of all this recognition the artwork of all exchanged artists is always exhibited. As a conclusion to the art journey they have experienced. The best part is that: Art Millennium SF will organize another art exchange program for next year.


Francesco Rosato / Italian – American Artist
Meeting & Greeting “Innovators ” a group of professional independent artists
Meeting & Greeting “Innovators ” a group of professional independent artists
Meeting and exchanging ideas about Art.


IMG_2590 (1)
Wei-Huang Chinese Artist

Another cultural art exhibition will be here soon too. The American Society for Contemporary Chinese Painting, will organize the: Across the Pacific – New Silk Route of Invitation Exhibition in USA, which will be displayed at the Odd Fellows Building in San Francisco, taking place between October 9-14th 2016. The Silk Route meant a historical exchange and cultural integration of the East with the West. The Exhibition is composed of three parts:

  1. By using different styles, the trade and transportations of the silk route is told in paintings showing the road in between mountains, deserts and across the ocean. These remarkable places are exposed in 70 artworks made of a variety of materials.
  2. The historical process. Represented in porcelain, because porcelain became a very important representation of the ocean silk route. Hence the exhibition also displays unique paintings on porcelain.
  3. Art Forum. Mr. Ding an iconic artist will start the forum on October 15th, 2016 with an opening speech about his personal view on his work: ¨ New Silk Route¨. There will be a splendid debate with American artists, to create a new picture on the historical silk route.

This is an art event full of astonishing beauty and historical meaning which does not happen very often. Also the opportunity of having a forum makes it an even more of a realistic experience on the art process and new art action taken upon a historical events.

Jeffrey Hessing – American Artist
Opening Art Exhibition Show in Wuhan – China
Opening Ceremony “Across the Pacific¨:U.S. in Chinese Painters’ Perspective”
IMG_2920 (1)
American Artists