An artful way to screen out online ads

an article By Charles Desmarais from SF Gate

SF Gate
Photo: Lynn Hershman Leeson

What could be a more satisfying Internet experience than a software application that strips all advertising from Web pages, replacing the ads with works of art? That’s the promise of Addendum, a free Web browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari (you can find it for download at

Addendum is a project of the San Francisco- and Paris-based Kadist Foundation, a remarkable organization that promotes advanced art (and critical thought surrounding such art). According to the website, it was produced by “a group of coders who want to take more control of our browser experience!”

I’ve been trying Addendum for a week or so, and I have to say that, while I’m excited by the potential, the jury is still out on the app as a work of art. The current offering (Essay #2) is by the two-person team Rometti Costales (a Frenchwoman,Julia Rometti, and Belarusan Victor Costales); it consists of enigmatic micro-montages that superimpose a spiky form on photographs of rock faces. It’s harmless (though occasional glitches obscure content one would like to see), but unreadable; a click leads to a 54-minute film describing modern challenges to Hopi culture.


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