Art Millennium San Francisco 2016

Silent Auction & Art Exhibition in San Francisco December 9th,10th & 11, 2016 16 7th ST, corner of Market and 7th. MIDMA


First Annual Art Millennium San Francisco 2016

The Best Art Exhibition San Francisco this December

It is very exciting to announce the first of many Annual Art Millennium Events in San Francisco. This event awaits an audience with a unique taste, willing to look into what the San Francisco Art community has to offer. A high bar that has been set for this annual art event. It is not so much a competition, but more about sharing and coming together as a unique art community.

This annual art event hosted by the Art Millennium Organization will showcase the work of their team of artists They are:

Richard Louis Perri  Francesco Rosato Ayako Harashima Stephan Crawford

Denise Tarantino Chia- Hsin Su Noushin Pourmirza Mot+ to

Costa Panagopoulos  Kimrola Sophia  Andreana Rosnik Susan Chan

Katherine Kodama Andrew Ogus Pancho Pezcador Macarena Jimenez 

Carrie White Marcia Clay  Melissa Martin Brian Huber Melissa Ayr Wei Huang

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Another highlight is that Fusion Academy San Francisco will be participating with the amazing work of their students. Fusion Academy San Francisco is a private middle and high school which bases its teaching on individualized one-on-one learning. Students here are able to go deep into the world of imagination and creativity and explore their unique abilities. This educational program takes students to a new perception of things; they are able to work with their ideas and transform them into outstanding artwork. We will be enjoying their annual art production and get the chance to enter their artistic world.

Pancho Pezcador

The First Annual Art Millennium SF 2016 event is a reality thanks to the help of Flax art & design. If you have been involved in the art industry here in San Francisco then you know about this unique and legendary family-run art store.  It has been providing materials for artists in the Bay Area since 1938. They developed naturally through the years due to their great service and high quality art materials. We are honored to mention that all the materials for this art event are provided by Flax. In addition to their San Francisco store in Fort Mason Center, you can now find a Flax store in Oakland, California.  In the same way they have done in the past in other communities they are now working with and supporting the artistic community in Oakland. Please support them and visit their new store in Oakland.


This is a wonderful opportunity for an introduction to the art community, as well as the art movement of San Francisco. The artwork of the members of Art Millennium and the students of the art program of Fusion Academy San Francisco will welcome you into a wave of colors and pure creativity.


Richard Louis Perri

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