Art Millennium San Francisco Sneak Preview

Featured artists exhibiting in Art Millennium SF. Dec 9 -11th, 2016

Tetjana 2016 - 30 in X 40 in oil and beeswax on canvas

Art Millennium San Francisco 2016

Art Millennium San Francisco 2016 is a great opportunity for all artists: art students,  fine artists, art leaders, teachers and even complete art communities are all welcome to share their art experiences in this artistic inclusive event. It is such an enriching chance to get to interact, learn and exchange ideas with artists from different paths and branches. We are not only talking about painting but also photography, sculpture, installations, technology and more in a huge gallery which is ready to show over hundreds artworks. The good news don´t stop there, because there will be a silent charity art auction happening during this event. It will be a 3-day art scenario, held at the historic Odd Fellows Building at 16 7th Street in the heart of San Francisco, Midma. Just to get an idea of how good this will be, here we have a sample of the artists that will be exhibiting their artwork:

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Sneak Preview

Kimrola– Her art exhibition is based on the statement that art is:

72% Water

Butterfly Man 1 by Kimrola
Butterfly Man – 2010 – 22″x 30″ – Water color and Oil pastel on Paper

12% Earth

6% Air

4% Fire

6% Space

She goes beyond esthetics and interprets the pure foundation of art through her compositions. She has accepted the challenge of talking about what art really is and can totally take any person into her artistic journey.


Katherine Hisako Kodama–   Coming from a biotechnological background, which she dared to change into an art career. Such life experience makes her artwork, a piece of a collision of two opposite worlds dancing together. Her work shows a passionate interpretation of the world we see, playing with shapes and mixture of colors, she can make this world seem to be a laboratory where anything can get movement and transform into fantasy.


Andrew Ogus- With a career of over twenty years. His work is a unique combination of printmaking, painting and drawing, an ever-changing life of art. A lot of which has been exhibited internationally. Creativity can really be sensed as limitless, with these portraits of characters that tell stories and have strong personalities. Each piece is a complete scene.


Apollo 2, 2015. 32 x 22.5, acrylic, litho ink, graphite on prepared Rives BFK printmaking paper.
Apollo 2, 2015. 32 x 22.5, acrylic, litho ink, graphite on prepared Rives BFK printmaking paper.


This is an event not to be missed! Don´t let anybody tell you how it went, go and experience it yourself. Take the chance of getting to know artists of all kinds and connect with the San Francisco Art Community, Collectors and enthusiasts of art .


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***I am an artist, HOW DO I REGISTER FOR Art Millennium SF 2016?***

You must register through EventBrite with an invitation from Art Millennium 2016. If you have not received an invitation and you want to participate, please write an email to with subject “Send me invite to Art Millennium 2016”and add the link of your portfolios

All registrations for Art Millennium SF 2016 are processed online.