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facebook-cover-815-315-01First Annual Art Millennium San Francisco 2016

December 9th, 10th & 11th



Art Millennium SF is 3-day art extravaganza being held at the historic Odd Fellows Building at 16 Seventh Street in the heart of San Francisco. Art Millennium SF lets amateur and student artists working with painting, sculpture, photography, and other media, exchange ideas, show and sell their work to the public and be mentored by professionals.


We have gallery space with the capacity to show up to 200 individual artworks. Art Millennium SF includes a silent auction for charities, live painting demonstrations, art projects, and guided talks with art professionals, along with music and food.


This is an excellent opportunity for art students to be exposed to the world of art exhibitions, how they work, and be able to mingle with artists and stakeholders of the art world from all over the Bay Area.



We are now calling for schools and student groups submissions. The submissions rate is $250 per institution/or school. The minimum number of works to submit to participate is four and the maximum is 10 pieces of art per institution/group. This art can come from one or 10 different students or members of an art group. 2 arts must be assigned for the silent auction.


What to expect in Art Millennium SF?

This is a juried art event. Register online, submit all materials by the deadline, October 20th, and assign two pieces of original art per school / group to the Art Millennium SF silent auction.

The public will also pick the best three pieces of art at the event. The artists that win will be sponsored by (WTA) for the chance to have an all paid trip to China for a chance to exhibit and paint overseas.

We will issue diplomas and a press release with the names of those three works and they will have the right to use the legend “Best of Exhibition 2016 ART Millennium San Francisco”.


Proceeds from Silent Auction/Exhibition:

Artists will receive 60% of the proceeds from the silent auction. 20% will go to the charity of the artists’ choice from our list. The other 20% will cover venue and event costs.

Artists will receive 80% of the proceeds from any art sold in the exhibition that is NOT in the silent auction. The remaining 20% will cover venue and event costs.


Charities that will benefit from the silent auction are:


Art T-Shirts

The submission fee gives each artist a custom printed t-shirt of each piece of artwork submitted from our sponsor or WTA.

WTA is garment company that creates numbered limited edition art t-shirts for artists around the world.

The group will receive one custom t-shirt of each one of the artworks approved for exhibition. The t-shirts will be displayed at the event and be available for sale there by the owner of the artwork, or a WTA representative. The price per t-shirt cannot exceed $30.00. All revenue from these t-shirt sales will go 100% to the artist and/or institution/group.


Additional t-shirts may be ordered by the public at a price of $30.00. WTA will print and ship additional t-shirts to buyers/artist/institutions after the end of the event. Artist/Institution will receive $10 commission for each extra t-shirt sold at the event. It is up to the artist/institution/parent (if artist is a minor) to define how any revenue is allocated.

Artists can buy Art T-shirts digitally printed with their art in exhibition at a wholesale price of $20.00 USD each.  Please order at least 30 days in advance, production orders get heavy during that time of the year.  Artists can also order prints of art that is not in exhibition at the same wholesale price. However, it can only be done once the file size and minimum requirements are met.


Why should I participate in Art Millennium SF?

  • Exposure to Art Curators and ART community
  • Become part of the San Francisco ART Community
  • Get paid for your art
  • Get Feedback from your peers
  • Meet international Artists ,expand your horizons
  • End of the year holidays are a great time to sell your art!


I am an artist/institution, HOW DO I REGISTER FOR Art Millennium SF 2016?


You must register through EventBrite with an invitation from Art Millennium 2016 for Schools/ Group. If you have not received an invitation and you want to participate, please write an email to with subject “Send me invite to Art Millennium 2016” and add the link and portfolios of every participant, for example their websites such as their social media, and blogs.


All registrations for Art Millennium SF 2016 are processed online.

After you register you will receive an email with instructions. You will need digital files of your art work in TIFF, JPG or PSD 2.MB (minimum) for your custom art t –shirts.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to engage in the local creative community!


Changes and Cancellation Policy

*If because of space or curation policies your ART can not be displayed, we will reverse ANY charge related to that specific work.  No deductions will be made when this happens.

If an ARTIST doesn’t show up, there will be no refunds. There will be a 50% refund of the submission fee for cancellations until 3 weeks before the event. No refunds will be given for cancellations after that point. Substitutions are accepted if approved by the Curation Board and happen two weeks before the event.