Meeting of Styles San Francisco 2016

Save these dates in your calendar because this is a weekend Art event that you definitely want experience it, December 16 - 17 -18


San Francisco’s Most Revolutionary FREE Art Event

One of the most special events of San Francisco Bay-Area is finally back. Meeting Of Styles, gathers Graffiti, Mural, Art history and the whole urban scene together in a three day event full of music, art and innovation. The event will take place in September 16, 17 & 18, in the Mission district, one of the iconic art neighborhoods in San Francisco. There will be 6 blocks dedicated to create art on walls, and the public is welcome to walk these alleys and be part of this experience. The public can meet & greet the local artists as well all the new international artists coming this year.


Art Millennium has a very strong willingness of being involved in the art events happening in the San Francisco Art Community. They way in which they are involved with Meeting Of Styles, is by sponsoring 5 artists that will be painting walls and canvas during the 3 day event. Art Millennium, provides opportunities to worldwide and local artists, by giving them the basis to be discovered as well as promoted. Another cool thing about the enrollment of Art millennium in the art world is how they make fine art and technology work together in this modern era. We can still see how art can be part of the modern world in an integrated way and of course Art Millennium also, helps with art education programs which are a big part of the life and road to success for artists.

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Meeting Of Styles is a great platform for Art Millennium to encourage artists, and help them be part of the art scene. Art Millennium is a co-sponsor along with WearThatArt for this event. WTA, will bring all the art t-shirts you cannot miss to purchase, so you can be part of the action too. They will be selling their collection of artistic t-shirts throughout this weekend, the t-shirts on stock will be on sale for $20 each and any orders during MOS will also be on sale for $25.

WearThatArt, is an online store which supports artists and sponsors them. The brand is characterized by producing t-shirt designs that are something to embrace, appreciate and enjoy while wearing it, because by doing so you are helping WearThatArt, give people the freedom to enjoy art even more and promote artists. It is time to share your style at the Meeting Of Styles!

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