SF Meeting Of Styles 2016

San Francisco most amazing 'graffiti Art' event FREE to the public . Sep 16-17-18



We are an organization committed to creating beautiful art on the streets of San Francisco. We strive to revolutionize the way people view urban art! Mission Art 415 is presenting the 5th annual “International Meeting of Styles” Art Festival 2016. A major graffiti art and street festival event September 16-18, 2016 from 9am-9pm daily in the heart of the Mission District at the 24th St. @ Mission St. Cultural Corridor “CALLE24”. Meeting Of Styles, an international festival collective based in Germany, with over 30 participating countries across the globe. San Francisco Meeting Of Styles Art Festival, is the official sanctioned event in the United States, a multi-day live art-walk festival of music, art and culture, considered to be one of the nation’s most anticipated free outdoor live art-walk and graffiti events on the west coast. The Festival will attract over 1200 artists and more than 100,000 attendees from around the globe. Visitors will enjoy a true “Live Art-Walk” exhibition throughout the Mission and 24th Street Cultural Corridor. Live paintings on commissioned properties on various side-streets from Orange to Osage, Lilac to Treat, the major streets of 24th spanning from Valencia to Harrison crossing from 22nd to 26th street, public and private locations, non-profit spaces and art galleries, live entertainment on multiple stages, cruise the offerings of local art and crafts while enjoying the local flavors of San Francisco cuisine. The Mission District is celebrated for its influential restaurants, cultural institutions, and artistic attractions. Historically and currently at the heart of social justice movements expressed in the many murals that adorn the neighborhood, it is an ideal backdrop for the celebration of the emergence of street artists from the shadows into the embrace of international acclaim. The event celebrates the dedication of street artists donating time and talent, sharing their aerosol art genre with the world. Amazing artists such as Mark Bode, Mel Waters, Hyde, Jeremy Fish, Crayone, Nate1, Cuba, Stan 153, King 157, Nite-Owl, Jocelyn Superstar amongst many others, who have dedicated their lives to bettering the environments in which we live and visit, will be featured. The event will have specific art exhibitions from prominent painters and historians like Michael Rios (Carlos Santana “Supernatural Album”) and Oakland Museum Curator-Registrar Arthur Monroe. The festival will include a youth playground for kids with water based paint and education workshops throughout the day. Our esteemed guest speaking panel will be hosted and consist of; Art Historians George Colon (AIM/SSB) and James Prigoff, artists Rigel Juratovic (Crayone), Mark Bode, David Cho (Hyde), Mel Waters (Dagon) and more. It gives us great honor to present the above mentioned guests who have donated their life to making graffiti what it is today. This will be San Francisco’s most prominent Street Art Festival and will showcase a major international classic car show on Sunday September 18th starting a 11am – 6pm on Mission Street at 24th. The Mission District is known for its amazing street art which has powerfully and beautifully transformed forgotten side streets into outdoor art galleries. Graffiti artists are the ultimate in grassroots, they are artists on the fringe who have historically had to work in stealth. Mission district’s history of Mexican marginalization and triumph and its current state of vulnerability with evictions and gentrifications, at a loss of over 20% decrease of locals, this event will celebrate the rich history of artist and their supporting families across the globe. Mission Art 415 was founded in 2006, out of a desperate need to change urban decay with commissioned murals. Traditionally, we celebrate the artists with an annual party honoring their time and talent as a vital and magical part of the community. This is the first year we are reaching out for financial help to make this happen. Please support this amazing cause which impacts so many lives from the artists themselves, to Mission community it embraces and the tourists who enjoy the amazing works of exterior art! Celebrating the Power of Art! Mission Art415 * SF Meeting Of Styles 2016 *