Walking Tour of the Mission’s Street Art by James Vest

Walking in the Mission SF is very inspiring

Horace Alley, The Mission. Picture by james Vest.

In the neighborhood with the highest concentration of street art in San Francisco, the Mission’s cultural heritage may be best viewed through the work of its artists. The alleys here are gateways to discovery, where guerrilla “galleries” weave a colorful tapestry of influences and creative expression.

Horace Alley, The Mission. Picture by james Vest.
Horace Alley, The Mission. Picture by james Vest.

To find the best murals, tags, and graffiti, hop off BART at 16th and Mission and walk north along Mission Street, where patches of murals wrap around alleyways and intersections. At 15th Street, make your way west to Caledonia Alley for a southward walk through bright swatches of graffiti by dozens of artists, including a black and white mural by Ian Ross, and a mosaic-like mural by Irvine artist Michael Kershnar.

Cut over to Valencia, and go one block south of 17th Street to Clarion Alley, home of the ever-changingClarion Alley Mural Project, which marries strong visuals with powerful messages of social justice. “Tax the Rich” by Megan Wilson and a mural by Tanya Wischerath that honors trans women activists are just some of the works maintained by the volunteer collective that has facilitated work by dozens of muralists since 1992.


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